BFF BESTIES Brand Ambassador Program

(Updated August 15, 2022)

Thank you for your interest in the BFF Brand Ambassador program! Interested candidates must review the following Guidelines & Requirements prior to completing an application. BFF is proudly accepting applications for the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy, Ireland, and the U.K. Applications may be requested from/returned to Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.  

Be Fierce!

Your BFF team


Be Flippin Fierce, LLC (BFF) is pleased to introduce our Brand Ambassador Program — BFF BESTIES—a program designed to team up with FIERCE athletic competitors to advocate and grow the BFF brand through social media channels. 


Active wear with GRIT—optimistic spirit molded with courage, strength of character, determination, and excellence! BFF strives to create and curate a collection of high quality, fun, and trendy apparel and accessories for young athletes. Because it is a costly competitive world, a portion of our profits will be donated to a non-profit organization and directed to a athlete in need of financial assistance.


Our Brand Ambassadors, BFF BESTIES, will embrace our vision and embody the image we are striving to build.


Ideal candidates must meet the following requirements, except where otherwise noted.

  • Maintain at least 2000 followers on at least one public social media account. (Follower count is preferred, but not required.)
  • Post high quality original photos or videos with BFF apparel and/or accessories or repost BFF social media posts at least 3 times per week. Your originality and inventiveness are unique to you. Show us!
  • Link to BFF website and social media (@beflippinfierce) on each post featuring our products and/or accessories—BFF will repost all tags on our social media using your respective handle.
  • We welcome feedback and encourage it, therefore we ask our BESTIES to provide a review on at least one of our social media accounts. We always strive to improve and grow. We are always open to recommendations from our BESTIES.


  • BESTIE PERK: Besties will receive a code monthly for each month of the Ambassador term for 25% off BFF branded apparel and accessories.

(Offers cannot be combined with other BFF promotions, however the Free Shipping discount for orders over $75 (U.S. only) will be applied at checkout.)

  • A Shareable 10% discount code to be used for your social media followers - this code may also be used for additional orders placed outside of the monthly Bestie Perk.
  • BESTIE SURPRISE: Each NEW ambassador will receive a welcome gift with their first Bestie order in their first Ambassador Term
  • BESTIE BIRTHDAYS: Besties will receive a discount code to use good for $10 OFF your order in the month of Bestie’s Birthday



All Brand Ambassadors must adhere to our social media guidelines including but not limited to the following:

  • Appropriate content only
  • Be respectful and encouraging.... strive to motivate and inspire others
  • Models in photos and videos must be posed appropriately and tastefully
  • Brand Ambassadors will authorize BFF to use any photos or posts for promotional purposes when @beflippinfierce is tagged in social media posts


Most of our followers are within the young demographic given our target audience is young athletes. We strive to keep our Social Media platforms as safe as possible for our followers and especially our BFF Besties. BFF makes every attempt to filter our followers and comments closely, removing and blocking anything or anyone that seems questionable. While this is clearly subjective, we err on the side of safety and these are a few things we look for: 

  1. Do they appear to be a child or parent?
  2. Are they following 'clean' hashtags?
  3. Are their followers also children and or parents?
  4. Does the account appear legitimate (i.e., no postings but follows many others)

We know that the number of followers we have is important, especially on Instagram, but we choose to turn away followers daily to keep our community safe and we ask you do the same out of respect for other BFF Besties!

You are welcome and ENCOURAGED to share our original BFF posts as much and as often as you would like!!! BFF has gained permission from all of our BFF Besties to use their tagged photos on our pages for promotional purposes.

Effective immediately, BFF Besties who wish to repost any images with other BFF Besties will require approval from that BFF Bestie before resharing on your personal page. Again, this is a BFF Bestie Ambassador Program Guideline update out of respect for our follower community, especially our BFF Besties, in the spirit of safety.

RULE OF THUMB: If no one is tagged in a BFF post, it is a BFF stock photo and can be shared freely. If a child/person is tagged in the photo, shoot them a direct message and ask their permission before sharing.


Ambassador Terms

New applications are reviewed 3 times annually, with invitations sent the week prior to the start of a new term. Upon selection and acceptance, Besties will be active for 12 months. 

  • Term 1 start – September
  • Term 2 start – January
  • Term 3 start - May

Each BESTIE application must be received by the 22nd day prior to the Ambassador terms outlined above.

  • BFF may opt to extend BESTIE status for subsequent terms at our discretion—BFF will send notifications of extension invites via email.
  • All invitation acceptances must be received within 72 hours.
  • ACCEPTANCE will serve as acknowledgement and agreement to the SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING GUIDELINES and REQUIREMENTS outlined above.
  • BESTIES will be notified 3-5 days prior to the start of the new Ambassador term.
  • BFF reserves the right to end BESTIE status due to cause, including but not limited to observation of any inappropriate content on your account or lack of adherence to BFF Bestie Ambassador Guidelines & Requirements.